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Grade 7

Grade 7 students learn how to conduct research to form their own opinions. They then take what they have learned and apply it to projects that encourage community engagement.

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Middle school students can choose from a selection of electives. See page 14 for a complete list of elective courses anddescriptions.

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Engaging in virtual labs and diverse instructional materials creates a rich learning experience. Grade 7 students explore life Science through inquiry and scientific thought. Topics include cell function, processes of plants, animal behavior, the systems of the human body, and ecology.

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Students develop a strong conceptual understanding of Math skills and concepts. They draw on problem-solving skills and prior knowledge to simplify and solve algebraic expressions, approximate probability and relative frequency, and construct different geometric figures. Students learn to identify the plane shapes, and then use those skills to assemble a three-dimensional object. Designing a bird feeder is one of the project options.

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Social Studies

Students are captivated by the past as they study ancient
How can today's students relate to events of the past? Grade 7 students study U.S. History from the first Americans through the American Revolution, the Civil 
War, and Reconstruction. Then they develop a social 
media campaign to convince colonists to either
declare independence or stay loyal to England.

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English Language Arts

Projects emphasize gathering information from texts  and conducting research to form opinions which 
students present through a variety of methods.  Learners increase their skills by interpreting the ubiquitous 
information available in our digital age and presenting their analysis through digital means. They are tasked with 
creating a presentation to the leaders of world nations regarding human colonization of space and writing an 
art critique by taking virtual tours of the world's most famous museums.

Research is at the core of learning this year.


Quick Checks - auto-graded assessments to
gauge understanding

Pearson My Perspectives ELA e-texts


World Atlas

Math In Focus G7 e-text

Pearson ReadyGen Text Collection G7 e-texts

HMH Science Fusion Virtual Labs

Legends of Learning Games

Math In Focus Digi +

The Outsiders

Britannica@ School

PrepMagic Simulations

Discovery Education STREAMING Videos

BrainPOP Interactive Activities

McGraw-Hill - Discovering Our Past:
A History of the United States e-text

ExploreLearning Gizmos Online Simulations

HMH Science Fusion e-texts:

Cells and Heredity

The Diversity of Living Things

The Human Body

Ecology and the Environment

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