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Student Life at Oak Meadows

International School Phuket


   After School Programs


   School Bus Service



   Summer Camp


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Putting Student Life First

At Oak Meadow, student life takes precedence, and our teachers are fully committed to the well-being of each individual. We care about fostering their growth and success, extending beyond academics.

The Best International School in Phuket for Student Events and Frequent Engagements!

From joyous festivities such as Christmas and Halloween to immersive celebrations of Thai culture like Loy Krathong, our school curates a vibrant calendar of activities that extends beyond the classroom, providing students with memorable and holistic experiences.



   International Day

   Loy Krathong Festival

   Chinese New Year

   Sports Event

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Join the Christmas Celebration
Dress up, sing, and have fun!

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Spooktacular Halloween Day

Dress up, enjoy trick-or-treating, and have a hauntingly good time!

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 Sports Event
Gear Up, Compete, and Enjoy

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We Provide Varied Facilities for a Holistic Learning Experience!

Oak Meadow goes above and beyond with facilities like a well-equipped music room, a swimming pool, and versatile sports amenities, providing every type of student the opportunity to enjoy an inclusive learning experience.

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Safety, love, education and fun

Join us in providing your children with the tools they need to excel academically, emotionally, and socially.

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