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Sports at Oak Meadow

Sports at Oak Meadow

Excellence Through Athletic Enrichment At Oak Meadow International School Phuket, our sports program is an integral part of our commitment to holistic education.

Our Sports Facilities
Setting the Stage

Through a diverse range of sports activities and state-of-the-art facilities, we inspire students to embrace athleticism, develop valuable life skills, and nurture a lifelong passion for staying active.

●  Football

●  Basketball

●  Swimming

●  Tennis

●  Badminton

●  Track and Field

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New Students Apply Here

The below link will guide you to our application form for you to complete. We will also need a copy of everyone's passport including both parent's passport copies.

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Year-Round Sports Events at Oak Meadow

Throughout the whole year, our school hosts a dynamic calendar of sports events, encouraging active participation, teamwork, and a healthy competitive spirit. We believe that these year-round sports events not only promote physical fitness but also instill essential life skills, building confidence, and camaraderie among our students.

Oak Meadow International School in Phuket with Top Facilities

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